my faith 

for a better future

is in the people

who are turning the idea

of unconditional love

into a way of life


~ yung pueblo

Jun Lee Yoga Teacher Costa Rica

Jun Lee is the founder of Tao Yoga School. It is an ever evolving global community who all share the common intention of connecting to their inner source - which is the source of inspiration and strength. Recognize that this terrain that you are swimming into is something that is a shared experience - and that all of us can gain access to this world. It's not about methods, it's about experience - and then embodiment.

Jun teaches an approachable, deep style of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga that safely challenges the body and soothes the mind. She has been leading Yoga Alliance certified 200 & 300 HR Yoga teacher trainings and retreats in Costa Rica and Italy since 2013 and is based in San Francisco, CA. This work is a guide for people to physically and symbolically heal, transform, and strengthen through diverse modalities - beginning with the breath. 

Jun is a dedicated student of Ashtanga, Kundalini Yoga, and TUMO meditation/breathing technique aka the Wim Hof Method - as tools to align mind-body, connect with our inner source of power, and illuminate and open hearts. An open heart and open mind is key. 

She is a registered nurse specializing in cardiology and has experience in Telemetry/Intensive Care Units in her hometown of Philly, PA (Thomas Jefferson University Hospital) and in San Francisco, CA (CPMC and UCSF). Her passion for teaching yoga and working as a nurse sparks from the desire to help others heal themselves and to radically transform in order to be happy and healthly. She draws daily inspiration from the Tao.

One challenging time for individuals can be after a transformative life retreat/training- how do you integrate a deeply immersive experience in nature and in yourself - and bring it back with you to your daily life? How do you integrate the yin and yang? How do you integrate these new practices into your old habits? How do you integrate two intense and seemingly opposing philosophies?

Carry the scent of the temple with you in the market. Surround yourself and stay supported with people who inspire you - find a common space where you can openly talk about your epiphanies and most enlightened moments, and also share the shadow side without worrying about who you're talking to. Give those moments context.  The support of a community is essential.

This is why it is a collective and not just a school - we create a global community and stay connected long after the retreat or training is over. 

A steady focus on breath, layered with alignment promotes an inner relaxation where you can drop the mind and feel.

Feeling is understanding.

In her class, you will breathe deeply, feel lighter, and move rhythmically into stillness.

Jun Lee Yoga Teacher San Francisco

Stella Kwon is an integral part of the Tao Yoga Collective. She began practicing yoga to relieve back pain after a car accident in 2010. Since then, she discovered many other benefits along with the healing powers of yoga. She believes yoga can help everyone find their path to well-being, growth, and fulfillment by practicing as you are in the present moment and finding connection between mind, body, and soul. She teaches an energizing free flow Vinyasa practice focusing on breath and body awareness so that each student can create their own unique experience. Stella is also an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and is committed to inspiring others to live a healthier lifestyle.

Stella Kwon Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher

Brittany Stackpoole found Yoga over seven years ago, often exhausted after a long shift as a Registered Nurse in a hospital in Washington, DC. She struggled with anxiety and saddened by all the disease and pain experienced by her patients and their families. Since her first Yoga class, it has given her the tools to understand her emotions, to handle stress, and to remain at peace even in difficult circumstances. Yoga has been a great tool for self knowledge and self healing to then go on and help heal others. She is currently working on her degree to become a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner- and works part time at Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles, California.

Brittany’s goal is to help others on their own path to find inner peace and empowerment. Her passion lies in healing others and promoting wellness, working to unite the mind, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. She offers Yoga to students of Mount St Mary’s University in Los Angeles California - which began as a one class credit and has flourished to become an expanded part of their syllabus. Her unique style incorporates Vinyasa breath to movement connection, meditation, and pranayama. She places a strong emphasis on proper body mechanics and works to offer hands on assists and meditative touch and loves to incorporate essential oils into each class.  Each class is built around a theme meant to provoke insight and growth. She hopes to create a safe place for students to get to know themselves, find compassion and self love in order to find what it is that inspires them - and share that passion with the world! 

Yoga for her is more than a physical practice, Yoga is a means to connect with the purest version of yourself in order to shine light onto the world. As Brittany likes to say “Here for the GIRLS!”

Brittany Stackpoole Yoga Teacher Womens Health Nurse Practitioner


Sam Whiting

I am committed to empower humans to realize their full potential, to have fun, and discover new thresholds that promote growth, purpose and balance using the tools and practices of Baptiste Yoga and the Wim Hof Method.

I have trained directly under the guidance of Wim Hof, Kapser Van Der Meulen and Dr. Trisha Smith; and became a Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor with the Innerfire Wim Hof Academy in 2017.

As a professional yoga instructor, I have received mentorship and training in the craft of leadership, teaching and assisting from Coeli Marsh, Brandon Compagnone, Naima Workman, Baron Baptiste and the Baptiste Institute.

I was born and raised in a small town called Northampton, a beautiful nature haven in the western region of Massachusetts. At a young age, I learned to ski and went on to attend Stratton Mountain School, an elite winter sports academy in Vermont. Through alpine ski racing, I was constantly exposed to nature, the cold, adrenaline rushes and a committed group of talented athletes and coaches. I was fortunate to travel the world for competition and experienced first hand what it takes to compete at a high level. After college, I found Baptiste Power yoga and encountered a practice that was unlike any training that I have experienced through my years as an athlete. I felt invigorated. Through a committed practice, I was able to access the raw physical body and tap into the well of potential that lies within our physiology.

In 2016, I found the Wim Hof Method and immediately felt the profound effect the breathing exercises had on my life. I felt energized and determined in a whole new way. In my former years as an athlete, I struggled to focus and would often sabotage my potential on race day by doubting my abilities. This limiting belief system became a habitual, vicious cycle that would generate overwhelming anxiety and I became my own worst enemy. Using the WHM, I began to challenge myself in nature, and developed a new sense of personal power and confidence. I learned to work with, respect and understand the vital currents of nature, versus resisting and fighting against them. I remembered my love for nature and rediscovered that everything is connected. By awakening our senses and engaging with the surrounding environment, it is possible to disengage from the conditioned patterns that create fear, doubt and limit us from living a whole, balanced and inspired life. Everyone deserves to be strong, happy, and healthy, and we all have the ability to realize and pursue an extraordinary life.

Through using the tools of the Wim Hof Method you will learn to consciously tap into human potential, awaken, strengthen and connect to the innate and adaptive intelligence within the human physiology. Over time, incorporating the three pillars of the WHM – breathing, mind set and cold exposure; you can supercharge your life, achieve laser focus and go beyond what you thought possible.

I am excited to share my passion with you!